Cityreader is a collaboration project between the Princeton University Environmental Fluid Mechanics lab and AZPML Architects that emerged out of the ambition to make cities healthier and more livable. Our team develops mobile novel sensing, data analysis and visualization technologies to study urban environmental gradients such as noise, air pollution or water quality at high spatio-temporal resolutions to inform citizens and develop detailed environmental urban planning and architectural design strategies.


  • We have launched a real time urban pollution AR app for the Seoul Architecture and Urbanism Biennale.

  • We have developed affordable Mobile Urban Sensing Technologies (MUST).

  • We have developed low cost urban sensing campaigns in the city of Seoul and Princeton.

  • We have made the collected urban data available in real time to citizens in Seoul and within Princeton Campus.

  • We have developed interactive data visualization platforms to engage policy makers and citizens.

  • We have developed urban data analysis platforms to process, format and complement urban data.


Beyond Bauhaus – Prototyping the Future Award 2019

Campus as Lab Grant 2018

Princeton Innovation Grant 2017


Llaguno-Munitxa M, Bou-Zeid E. (2019). Mobile Urban Sensing and Visualization Technologies. National Science Foundation SRN Awardees Annual Meeting. Urban Water Innovation Network UWIN poster presentation.  

Llaguno-Munitxa M, Bou-Zeid E. (2019). Environmental Neighborhoods and their Spatial Extent. Under Review.  

Llaguno-Munitxa M. and Bou-Zeid E. (2019) “Mobile Urban Sensing Technologies (MUST): High spatio-temporal air quality diagnosis of the urban environment”, Under Internal Review.

Llaguno-Munitxa M., Bogosian B, Bou-Zeid E, Al Tair A, Radcliff D, Fisher S, Ryu Y, (2018) Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications for Urban Environmental Visualization, IBPC2018. 

Llaguno-Munitxa M., Bogosian B, Bou-Zeid E, Al Tair A, Radcliff D, Fisher S, Ryu Y, (2018) Blending Hardware and Software Innovations in Mobile Urban Sensing Technologies, American Meteorological Society, 2018 Annual Meeting

Llaguno-Munitxa M., Bogosian B, Bou-Zeid E, Fisher S, Al-Tair A, Radcliff D, (2017) Seoul On-Air: Augmented Environments for Urban Activism, Imminent Commons: The Expanded City. Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2017

We are looking for seed funding to launch the first version of our app; CITY COMPASS app

We are at the moment developing experimental campaigns in New York City, developing social and urban metric statistics and analyzing and processing an extent urban dataset. Given its open city data portals and ambition of the city council for urban data transparency and communication, NYC offers an ideal opportunity to implement our technologies and make urban environmental and health data openly available for New Yorkers.


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We are looking for seed funding to launch the City Compass app